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Polaris Light MSHA approved w/fixed clip

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Polaris Light MSHA approved w/fixed clip
Part Number: NLA0M1
  • Specs:Battery Charge Time: < 12 hours Battery Discharge Time: Main LED > 12 hours Secondary LED: > 40 hours Emergency Flashing: Activated with 5-second hold down Battery Lifecycle: 500 minimum Weight: 170 grams LUX: minimum 5,000; typical 6,500 Charger Configuration: Single unit, 10-unit and 24-unit modules and 48-unit rack; 12 VDC adapter for vehicle connection Charger Power Source: AC line voltage range from 120V+/- 10%, 220V +/-10%, 12 AC input can also be used in case of retrofit to existing racks and transformers Charger Temperature Range: 5°C to 35°C (optimum 15°C to 20°C) Lamp Storage Temperature: 0°C to 60°C (optimum 10°C to 20°C) Primary LED Life: 20,000 hours Secondary LED Life: 20,000 hours Ingress Protection: IP 67 Operating Ambient Temperature: Ta=0°C to 60°C Charging Current: 300mA Approvals: (depending on version) Intrinsically Safe approved by ATEX, IECEx, MSHA.

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